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Call Jim Carrey out on being a hypocrite. Maybe help a charity too!

We’ve reached 25 signatures, but there’s still a long way to go. If you’re tired of Hollywood stars profiting off of hypocrisy, then let them know.

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Tell Jim Carrey: Donate Kick-Ass 2 pay to charity.

Jim Carrey is opposed to the violence depicted in Kick-Ass 2, but he doesn’t seem to have an issue with getting paid for his acting. If he truly opposes the violence depicted in such movies, he should donate all of his pay from it to charities that help those affected by violence.

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A Brief Discussion on Education

Here’s a dedicated page for the new book!

0 notes A Brief Discussion on Education (Politicoid Series) eBook: Daniel Goldman: Kindle Store

Politicoid has released its first book in the Politicoid Series: A Brief Discussion on Education

Summary: The education system is supposed to nurture the love of learning in the next generation and in so doing ensure that the next generation is more prosperous than the last. Yet the exact opposite is occurring in this country. A Brief Discussion on Education is simply a discussion, which includes a brief history of how our education system became corrupt, the underlying flaws within the system, and how to improve upon these flaws.

About the author: I have 10 years experience as a tutor and have come into contact time and time again with those who have had their desire to learn stripped from them by a corrupted education system. Through my experience working with students, I gained an interest in repairing the system from the ground up and therefore started doing extensive research on various topics regarding education both in America and in other nations.

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Politicoid Compendium

I’ve launched a kickstarter campaign for the Politicoid Compendium, a guide to today’s tumultuous political world. Every backer helps bring this book into the world and for just $5, you can own an early release PDF of the book.

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New Politicoid Site

I’ve long since let the tumblr page go, but I’ve set up a new politicoid site with wordpress and can integrate the two, so expect new posts soon.

Until then, feel free to check out the new site.

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Politicoid Blog

It’s getting lonely over at my new blog; a few followers would be nice.

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"A good leader does not make excuses. A great leader does not need excuses."

Randomly came up with that in a discussion?

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Alternatives to banks

A brief post about credit unions.

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Who will pay the buffett tax?
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